Cheese Scoop and Sauce Ladle by Wood & Hughes


Item Description

A Cheese Scoop and a Sauce Ladle in the very scarce "Lily of the Valley-Tip" pattern, made by Wood & Hughes, also referred to as "pattern # 28". Likely made in the late 1860s or early 1870s, and in the "Aesthetic" or naturalistic taste, these pieces are hand-made and were surely produced in very limited quantity, and at considerable cost. Made of sterling silver with gold vermeil applied to both the bowl and the leaf area, both have the three dimensional "lily of the valley" flowers individually applied. Really fine examples of the aesthetic form, done in silver. Both pieces are marked sterling, and both have the W&H mark (see photos). Intricate monogram on back of bowls appears to be "ABH".
Ladle is $475.
Cheese Scoop is $525.